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Three visions of fSM

Three visions of fSM

1. fSM as worldwide currency beyond LETS, 2. Welfare with fSM (over Despair), 3. Preparing for unification of two Koreas and working for present Northern Korea (DPRK)

1. fSM as worldwide currency, beyond LETS
When taking a walk in the park, I am informed of a chance to buy coffee using fSM at 9 Ggool until one hour later from now, by an adjacent cafe. I go to the cafe to enjoy Yirgacheffe coffee by paying 9 Ggool. There are some people in the cafe who are also drinking coffee with their fSM, including mother and her daughter. The mother is curious about how her daughter can buy two cups of coffee without any money or credit card. The daughter explained the fSM. After a while, the fSM coffee sale is over. One gentleman enter the cafe and realize to have missed coffee. He buy the coffee using credit card. When I ask the clerk why the cafe provides coffee with fSM, she tell me the cafe can not sell tomorrow the Yirgacheffe coffee using the present beans they have according to the cafe rule. The Yirgacheffe beans remain more than enough, and the quality is still fine with good aroma and taste. She also mentioned that the cafe can buy the Yirgacheffee coffee beans from internet, using fSM, under contingent conditions.

“Incidents are the best helper” by Agnes Varda, in her movie ‘Faces Places (2017)’

At a heavy snowy day, one old man is shoveling the snow in front of my apartment. He does his favor for his neighbors. I express my gratitude to him with my fSM which is kind of good comment in the internet; he has the right not to receive the fSM. We do not know each other in person and he does not know who gives him the fSM. In the afternoon of the same day, the person who shovel the snow for his neighbors may enjoy coffee or pizza with the fSM. Some day he might have get a message from an airline that he gets an off-season seat to Spain, in exchange of his fSM, which he has been waiting for.

Airlines assign a small portions of seats, especially in off-season, to fSM seats which we can reserve with fSM currency. An old man who has never travelled abroad can finally reserve both round tickets and hotels using his fSM. Children of economically vulnerable class families are able to watch movies at theaters using their own fSM as multiplex cinema corporations have allocated some portions of tickets for them. The airlines and mutiplex cinema corporations allocate vacant seats to customers who want to buy using fSM. The corporations either give the earned fSM to their employees as special bonus or can purchase bio-energy to be utilized for their restaurants. The airlines and cinema corporations expect to publicize with fSM currency system for a marketing strategy as the fSM system is well known throughout the world.

Mother and two daughters who are travelling in Seville, Spain, are informed of that they can enjoy a few tapas in exchange of fSM. They enjoy tapas at the tapas bar which sent the message to people within 1 km from the bar, and drink beers (cerevezas) paid in Euros. The tapas restaurant may purchase olives from a few olives farmers who are willing to receive fSM; the young workers of the olive farms are enjoying to listen to Korean K-pop song which can be bought on internet sites by fSM.

2. Welfare with fSM, over despair
A child who has been forcibly separated from her mother at the border between USA and Mexico, is now receiving lots of fSM throughout the world. One famous university in USA offer her that she can pay all the tuitions if she enter into the university using her fSM currencies which are more than enough to afford. One toy shop and one icecream store near the house in which she temporarily lives propose her to buy toys and icream by fSM. One airline offers tickets to Mexico if she can visit Mexio to meet her mother, which can be purchased by fSM.

Villagers in a small town, Guatemala, who lost all their living bases, can buy foods and water using fSM sent from all over the world. They can even purchase some products through international parcel delivery service usign their fSM. They may have some plans to move to other places with fSM.

Free lenser artists have plans of exhibition this fall with their works. They open web sites where they can sell their art works in exchange of fSM, and may purchase materials with which they work for the exhibitions. Independent musicians play busting at a beach to earn fSM. With fSM, they may buy an used but good quality of musical intruments, such as guitar, for their concerts. Young job applicants can buy sandwitch with cofee in the morning at the plaza using fSM. Retired person, from one of big energy company, is now working for a local company which deals with bio-gas plant related to fSM system, and gets paid with fSM.

3. Preparing for unification of two Koreas and working for Northern Korea (DPRK)
Northern Korea (DPRK) is known being lack of water, energy, and fertilizer. The fSM system can save water and provide bio-energy and fertilizer. Thus, we can work together with Northern Korean with the fSM system to solve problems that Northern Korea is now experiencing. We both can design cities based on the concept of circular economy instead of contructing buildings and infrastructures in similar ways that have been used last decades in Southern Korea. We name the new cities, based on circular economy, as ‘City with wisdoms’.

When preparing the unification of the two Korea, there are difficulties in culture, economy, and many others. After overcoming the difficulties, we can extend our experiences into other conflict areas across the borders, with various issues, for two Koreas to contribute to solve the conflicts. It is the “Peace across the borders”.