No. 164
Author Admin / 2019-06-19
Scores & Grade of Science Humanities class; 과학인문학 점수확인

Attendance 10%, Weekly reports 10%, Project/Presentation 20%, class game 20%, mid-term exam 20%, final exam 20%


Grade: >92(A+), >90(A0), >88(A-), >85(B+), >80(B0), >75(B-)


For checking, you may drop by my office (Bldg. 110, Rm 1101-4) on Friday, 10:30~11:30 am (may be not available) & 1:00~2:30 pm (for sure)

I am not available on Thursday as I am out of town due to business trip.


If you want to modify your absence, you have to bring documents to prove it. Of course I trust you; I did check and modify your absence when you asked me during the class periods (especially at the time close to the absence), but, please understand it is not easy now to fix it because it is somewhat late.