No. 51
Author Admin / 2017-11-17
(Weekly Report) Practicing Problem is not a theme of the Report

I would tell you that practicing problem is not title or theme of weekly report, instead, they are just questions from me for you after your reading the reading materials. Thus, please don't stick to those with the weekly report.


Reading materials may be not under one flow of thinking; if you are bothered, I would apologize but please understand this class is just like that. There is no format and no fixed textbooks. I have to abstract some from my previous writings with Evernote, for example.

In class, as I already told you it is not easy (of course it is my responsibility) to read all the report; I am doing though. 

Thus, I would suggest you write an interesting report which can attract my interest, with title, importantly the first sentence.

Format may be free without any restriction.


매주 올라오는 수업 Materials 내에 있는 'Practicing Problem'은 Weekly report의 주제, 타이틀이 아니고, Materials을 읽은 후에 한번 생각해 보라는 연습문제입니다. 혼란을 주었다면 미안합니다.


비록 제가 당연히 해야할 일이지만, 매주 100개가 넘는 레포트를 읽는 것이 쉬운 것은 아닙니다. 그러니 발표후보 레포트 선정에 도움을 주기위해 제목, 특히 첫번째 문장에 각별한 신경을 써 주길 부탁합니다.