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guideline of the term TEAM Project

Guideline of the term TEAM project, Class of Climate Change Humanities


  1. Theme or Topic of TEAM Report: “ How can a thing that may help us to live, with happiness and with minimum despair, under climate change times, be conceptually invented or designed?”
    1. the thing can be anything; a theory, a philosophy idea, a system of society, a design of small or big village in either urban or rural area, a political system, a tax system, a business model, a class, or anything
    2. the thing can be a novel or paper or abstract as far as you believe it is persuasive


  1. Format: each team is set to submit one report with flexible format; recommended length is 3~5 pages of A4 size, but, it may be varies; team may select any format, such as technical report or paper, discussion and/or conversation, even play
    1. Every thing is possible as far as it can be presented in the class to persuade the class mates and other teams


  1. Evaluation of the term TEAM project
    1. Each team has to present in the designated class
    2. Any format of presentation is possible within 10 minutes
    3. After presentation, each team is subject to questions from the colleagues in classes


  1. Evaluation report, individual base
    1. it should include scores of either 10, 8, 7, 6, or 5 for a team; each score (10, 8, 7, 6, 5) can be used only two times, otherwise, the evaluation report will be returned
    2. it should include brief comments for each team
    3. evaluation report is made and submitted from individual (not team based) student


  1. Due dates:
    1. TEAM report: at the Presentation Date
    2. Evaluation report: 10th December, 2015


  1. TEAM
    1. Team #1: 김상흠, 이현식, 정희석, 이하늬, 이현송, 이우진, 정경재, 이호영, 정도솔, 김세준, 
    2. Team #2: 박정훈, 이세화, 조석규, 이도현, 정지훈, 이수영, 정원모, 윤원준, 최연송, 황면우, 
    3. Team #3: 정상걸, 이상현, 조현호, 김기욱, 한송이, 이대순, 최지은, 안신종, 허진명, 홍승영, 
    4. Team #4: 안성현, 최정헌, 한성호, 정혜수, 심성원, 하종권, 백경은, 이수진, 최의진, 최지수
    5. Team #5: 차현진, 백승준, 홍준일, 조현경, 김강용, 송해민, 허희진, 조인규, 신서윤, 
    6. Team #6: 홍은표, 박창서, 김태균, 임재관, 김건, 선가현, 고민지, 박성빈, 강유진
    7. Team #7: 김민준, 박재민, 배경현, 신준수, 김시연, 배주열, 김주리, 명노현, 김동희, 임대균, 
    8. Team #8: 김병욱, 민재성, 부지영, 김은진, 박영근, 김범수, 김수빈, 이현희, 박진석,
    9. Team #9: 김부성, 김형주, 조영준, 박현수, 김진영, 노학원, 곽희원, 김민현, 김지영, 이아영, 
    10. Team #10: 김영수, 김용태, 구자람, 김현우, 김찬영, 김한웅, 김기철, 김민정, 신재용, 윤여정, 
    11. Team #11: Jonas, Zhassulan, 이상덕, 장범금



  1. Presentation Dates
    1. 19th Nov.: Team #2
    2. 24th Nov.: Team # 10, Team #1
    3. 26th Nov.: Team # 7, Team # 6
    4. 1st Dec.: Team # 3, Team # 4
    5. 3rd Dec.: Team # 11, Team # 8
    6. 8th Dec.: Team # 5, Team # 9