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No. 37
Author Admin / 2018-12-02
Waling in a dream, in ourselves (by Artist Jeon, Wongil)

The work of artist Weongil Jeon gives me a metaphor of a wastewater effluent discharged into a catchment, such as lack or coast. Every morning artist Jeon collects his poo and coffee powers remained after morning coffee, burns those into ashes, and filters water through the ashes on a canvas. He draws a picture using phenomena of diffusion of his poo and coffee. He said he draws a landscape titled as “waling in ourselves” after the work with the name of “walking in a dream through the utopian nature” drawn by the artist An, Gyeon, in 1447. Poo is very the evidence that we are still alive, and no one else knows what our poo looks like. After being flushed, our poos are subject to be mixed with others, eaten by microorganisms in the wastewater treatment plants, and have to survive to be diffused into the world to draw their landscapes. The Earth has never drawn this landscape before, thus, the artist Jeon wants to bring the works of the Earth into his canvas as he believes the landscapes are valuable and propose visions of the future hooked to the remote past. He also believes all these become a history of representations onthe surfaces of our own canvases. Jeon said it is endless workings with its natural inherence. The natural inherence depends on artist Jeon but will be connected very soon to another nature inherence, which comes into being in a community.