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No. 38
Author Admin / 2018-12-05
Incense, art works of artist Lim, Seungkyun


Artist Lim, Seungkyun tries to bring the last sense with our materials into Science Cabin, during his stay. It is smell which can wind up the invitation of all the senses, including seeing, hearing, listening, and eating/tasting at Science Cabin. He used a traditional procedure using hands to make incenses with sludges which are remainings from the anaerobic biological digestion (i.e., transformed matters from poos and food wastes). Incense burns itself to make smoke with smell which diffuses in the airs, which gives us emulation scences to the Walking in a dream (the work of artist Jeon); the latter represents diffusion through water and canvas (solid) and the former does one through air. Incense seems to bring remote memories by breaking off and erase our short-term memory; he looks to try to remove our memories to give us a long journey back to our childhood times. Oblivion with his works presents a magic of photo album for every visitor at Science Cabin.