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Syllabus of "Climate Change Humanities", Fall semster, 2017 file

for the class of Oct. 25 (Walden Two) file

from the class (Sept. 27): Meaning and Event

from the class, the three knowledge, on Truth

Reading materials of the class, "Climate Change Humanities" 2016 file

Syllabus of the class, 'Climate Change Humanities (AHS39101), Fall 2016' file

Grade of Env. Math. (환경수학 학점 공지)

중간고사, 학기말 점수 (Scores of Mid- and Term-Exam.)

성적확인 6월 27일(월) 오전 10~11시 30분, 사월당

학기말 시험점수 (Scores of the Final Exam.)

환경수학 학기말 시험 채점 기준 file

2nd order rxn. file

boundary layer theory 부분 file

Exam. Scores, from classes with Jaeweon Cho

Solution of the HW, equation *3 (Env. Math) 환경수학 숙제 *3식 file [22]