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Book, "Know This", by Edge Foundation, 2017 file

Story of Science Walden Lives, with FSM (Fruit House) file

Story of the Science Walden in 2016 (2016년 사이언스월든 이야기) file

We also have the end~ Good Bye file

Nomadic Art Works of Artist KO Seung Hyun, YATOO, in South Africa file

Invited talk at Schumacher College, Nov. 11 file

One day, you might get paid to poo file

News, CHO Jaeweon as a co-editor of Desalination file

essay on the, titled Feces Standard Money (FSM) file


사이언스월든 프로젝트의 시작 file

수박만한 빵을 만드는 법 file

탈북자(북한 상하수도 엔지니어) 세미나 요약

통일부 북한물문제 연구회 발족

2015 6월 27일 싱가폴 아셈회의 file