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Invited talk at Schumacher College, Nov. 11

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An invited talk at the "Feeding the Insatiable" Summit (9th~11th Nov., 2016), at the Schumacher College, Totnes, UK:

When:  11 November 09.45   Great Hall
Who:  Jaewon Cho (Korea)

Title: Science Walden: A movement of perceiving toward a new horizon for a community

Science Walden named after the Thoreau’s essay and the Skinner’s novel, two ways to connect scientific technologies and implementations into a community, have been attempted. The two are feces standard money (FSM; please refer to and artistic collaboration between scientists and artists. FSM is not substituting for the present currency but parallel one to supplement it, on economic and social aspects. Arts, here liberal arts, is believed to give imagination and courage in our design of a community using scientific concepts and ideas. To experience all the endeavors, we designed and built a Pavilion that is the laboratory where scientists and artists study together with our goals. The name of the Pavilion is “Sa-Wol-Dang” which means a place where we can think beyond in Korean and Chinese letters.


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